The MVMA is offering a low dose, off-label rabies vaccine to members and staff as a more affordable option for pre exposure vaccines. The rabies vaccine will be offered in a 3 shot series at 0.1mL intradermally. Low dose intradermal injections of rabies are suggested currently by the WHO for pre-exposure as an alternative to the intramuscular injections. Please see the dosage guidelines for pre-exposure vaccines from the WHO here (page iiii). You may also find additional information about the low dose protocol in the CDC article, “Perspectives: Intradermal Rabies Preexposure Immunization.” 

Mari Sawai, ND will be administering all vaccines. The MVMA is partnering with Dr. Sawai to offer this low dosage vaccines series due to most insurance companies in the state not covering pre-exposure vaccines for veterinarians and veterinary staff. If you know that you have a poor immune response or you are immune compromised or if you have questions about whether the low dose vaccine is appropriate for you, you should contact your PCP. This is offered to MVMA members and their staff only at this time (see "Eligibility" below).

In order to ensure that you have adequate immune response to the low dose vaccine, you should have your rabies titer checked after vaccination. If you receive the low-dose vaccine and do not have your titer checked, in the event that you are exposed to a rabid animal, Maine CDC will likely recommend the full rabies post-exposure prophylaxis

On the form at the end of this page you can register for both the vaccine and the titer. If you plan to get the titer done elsewhere, please contact Katherine Soverel (ksovere[email protected]) so that she can refund you $55 for the titer.

If you wish to receive the full 1mL vaccine, please contact Katherine Soverel ([email protected] or 1-800-448-2772, ext. 1) for availability and pricing.


  • Booster and Titer: $285
  • Series and Titer: $485
  • Titer only: $135 (Registration for titers only will open in May)

AVMA LIFE members may be eligible for reimbursement. Complete this form and send with your receipt to apply.


For those who have never received the vaccine, you must register for all three dates. Boosters will also be offered on each date for those who have received the series before. Please use the form at the end of this page to register for either the series or the booster.

Vaccine (Series and Boosters)

  • June 5, 2023 2-3pm
  • June 12, 2023 2-3pm
  • June 26, 2023 2-3pm

Titer Blood Draw

  • September 18, 2022 2-4pm

Those interested in received the rabies titer ONLY will be able to register in July.

Note: CDC recommends that people should not receive the per-exposure rabies vaccine within two weeks of the covid vaccine.

Once a vial of the vaccine is opened, it must be used, which means that it is important that everyone shows up at their given time slot. It also means that there will be no refunds and no flexibility to reschedule once you are registered. 

If you are unable to register on the form that means that it is sold out. Please select the appropriate wait list option on the form. If we receive sufficient interest, we will be able to offer additional slots. If more slots are made available, Katherine Soverel will notify all members so that anyone interested may sign up.


Clinics will be held at the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, 217 Landing Road, Westbrook.

Click here to register for vaccine and titer