Technician Education & Resources

Skilled technicians are critical to any successful veterinary practice. Whether you are currently working as a veterinary assistant and looking to get licensed, or looking at entering the field, below are resources for tuition assistance. 

Once licensed, veterinary technicians can expand their careers into specialty areas, such as emergency and critical care, anesthesiology, internal medicine, animal behavior, and dentistry.

So how does an individual become licensed? Essentially, by completing a two-year college degree program (through attendance or online) and passing the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). Find more information about licensing from the Board of Veterinary Medicine

How do you obtain the necessary training?

University of Maine at Augusta
Veterinary Technology Program
46 University Drive, Augusta, ME 04330


York County Community College
Veterinary Technology Program
112 College Drive, Wells Maine 04090

Online and national accredited programs

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available through each of the programs listed.  Contact information for the financial aid office can be found on each website.

If you are already employed, sometimes course or training reimbursement is available through your employer.  Be sure to check. 

Scholarships and grants are available through the Federal government.  Go to the following directory to assist you:

Our Maine Veterinary Medical Association offers scholarships on a regular basis to veterinary technicians who have completed a year of training, either at a college or online. Click here for more information.

Get Licensed

Find out more information about getting licensed here.

Already a licensed technician? Check out permanent job listings here and our relief technician positions here.