Rabies Management

The Rabies Working Group has created a flow chart for the Evaluation of Animal Bites and Other Rabies Exposures to help you determine appropriate animal control measures. 

Delivery Methods for Sending Samples to the Health and Environmental Testing Lab (As of 3/2015)


To make it easier for you to locate the specific information that you are looking for, we have created a Quick Reference Guide below.  Page numbers given refer to the complete Maine Rabies Management Guidelines.


Maine Rabies Management Guidelines 4th Edition, 2012 - complete state handbook (PDF)

Important Contact Information (PDF) (pages 2,3)

Algorithm for Rabies Exposure Assessment (PDF) (page 13)

Management of Potential Exposure

Animals that Potentially Expose Humans or Other Animals (PDF) (page 24)

Animal Bite Report Form (PDF) (pages 50/51)

Management of Animals Exposed to Rabies (PDF) (page 30)

Dogs, Cats & Ferrets (PDF) (page 30,31)

Livestock (page 34)

Guidelines for Owners of Livestock that have been Exposed to Rabid Animals (page 32)

Confinement - Conditions of Confinement/Isolation

Dog, Cat & Ferret (PDF) (page 31)

Home Quarantine Notice (PDF) (page 49)

Livestock (PDF) (page 34)

Wolf Hybrid Notice to Owners (PDF) (page 53)

Rabies Vaccination Certificate (PDF) (page 65)

Rabies Vaccination Waiver Form (PDF) (pages 66/67)

Rabies Sample Submission Form (PDF) (UPDATED 7/20/18)



Maine Health and Environmental Testing Lab (HETL) (rabies lab) (Augusta)

UMaine Animal Health Lab