Mission & Strategic Priorities


Support Maine Veterinarians as they work to improve the well-being of animals, to encourage the human-animal bond, and to protect public health for the benefit of the veterinary profession and the citizens of Maine.

Strategic Priorities

Our work to achieve our vision will be guided by the following priorities:

  1. Demonstrate the value of MVMA membership through active communication and interaction that engages our members
  2. Sustain, advance, and advocate for the profession
  3. Provide our members with continuing education and programming to support their professional and personal success
  4. Strengthen our governance mode and build the leadership capacity of our board to successfully achieve our strategic priorities 


As the Board of Directors of the Maine Veterinary Medical Association we will be guided by these values:

  • Demonstrate fiscal and fiduciary responsibility
  • Be responsive and open in our communication
  • Foster face-to-face interactions and relationship building among our members
  • Be member-driven and committed to providing outstanding service, support and programming
  • Promote the highest ethical and moral standards for our profession
  • Support Maine veterinarians in being successful in work and in life
  • Advance and support a shared commitment to life-long learning
  • Demonstrate integrity, honesty, dedication and compassion in our profession


As we look to the future, we envision successfully achieving the following:

  • We have demonstrated the value of membership in the MVMA, which results in full participation from all practice areas in all parts of the state and with the highest level of member retention.
    • Our success in new graduate outreach, and the value we provide to recent graduates, results in a steady stream of new, young members who engage in our programs and our shared work.
    • Through our website and other communication tools we are demonstrating our responsiveness to our members and the value of our association as we actively engage our members.
    • Our programs, events and activities are successful in bringing veterinarians together, regionally and statewide, to build their networks, to learn from each other, and build supportive relationships.
    • The continuing education (CE) programs and the “life/work” learning opportunities we offer respond to the needs of our members and are highly valued and well-attended.
    • We are effective in our messaging and in educating the public about the value of veterinarians and our services.
    • We have deepened our relationships and partnerships with other organizations and companies that care about the health of our patients, and together we are working to advance shared goals.
    • Our advocacy and public policy work is highly proactive, successful, and visible and bolstered by the active participation and support of our members.
    • As a board, we are guided by a strategic plan and the focus it brings, we are demonstrating the highest level of board governance, and we are attracting board members who can help us to advance our mission, vision, and priorities.